CTL Toner Cartridge

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Br460 /psc

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About CTL Cartridge

What is CTL?

CTL is compatible toner cartridge assembled in Ethiopia. The brand is owned by- Edra Printing Technology PLC- a company engaged in providing quality, reliable & innovative printing solutions to it’s diverse clients since 2010. CTL cartridges are compatible as they are specially engineered to match your printers specifications. CTL cartridges provide affordable price, are better for the environment and ensure top-quality printing.

Why use CTL?

As it is in our business, we understand that proper documentation is critical to your work quality and ultimate organizational success. Nonetheless, sourcing and constantly supplying your printing machineries with quality toner cartridges at a friendly cost can become a challenge. You have a business to run, employees, projects and budgets to manage. You don’t have time to be a printing expert. We are here to provide solution that could save you time and money! By using CTL cartridges you’ll enjoy a printing experience that equals or exceeds the original manufacturers’ guidelines in print quality and page yield (number of pages the cartridge will print). All this by saving from 30-40% on your spending and zero transport cost if your business is located in Addis.

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