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Nursing Dengel is a donut shaped cushion which has at least four major uses:

a) Strain and Bending: Prevents mother from developing a temporary or permanent bending posture when nursing baby. It also reduces strain on mothersu2019 arms, shoulders and neck, when nursing or bottle feeding. Using Nursing Dengel they sit in a more upright and comfortable position, instead of leaning forward and straining their muscles. It serves the utmost relief during the first six weeks right after giving birth in which most mothers suffer leaning forward to nurse their infants due to the stitches from labor.

b) Lie on the back: Protects child from chocking and vomiting after feeding and lay out on a flat surface.

c) Sitting: prevents baby from damages like bends and twists to the waist caused when sitting and laying. Also prevents baby from accidents of falling down from bed by rolling.

d) Tummy Time: Playing and exercising on the tummy helps baby develop the upper body strength needed for crawling.

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