Sliding Mitre Saw TC-SM 2131 Dual

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Sliding Mitre Saw TC-SM 2131 Dual

The TC-SM 2131 Dual is a drag, crosscut and miter saw for cutting wood, laminated panels and plastic. The saw head can be tilted to the left and right for high flexibility in setting miters on two sides. An integrated, mains-powered laser marks the cutting line, enabling the workpiece to be positioned quickly and exactly. The high-quality turntable of the TC-SM 2131 Dual comes with an exact angle adjustment facility for angular cuts which can be latched single handedly in various positions. The integrated drag function enables you to cut particularly wide workpieces. Workpiece supports on two sides, a clamping device for reliable securing of the workpiece and a workpiece stop with rails that adjust to the left and right enable safe, precise operation. The table insert is equipped with a practical scale for reading off the workpiece width. The high-grade carbide-tipped precision saw blade guarantees clean, powerful cutting results. A sawdust bag keeps the workplace clean. A transport brace is provided for easy and safe mobility.

Sliding Mitre Saw

TC-SM 2131 Dual

Integrated drag function for wide workpieces

Turntable with precise angle setting for angular cuts

Saw head tilts to the left and right for miter cutting

Includes laser (mains-powered) for precise guidance while cutting

Supports for sawing long workpieces

Workpiece stop with rails adjustable to the left and right

High-grade carbide-tipped precision saw blade

Clamping device for holding the workpiece securely in position

Includes sawdust bag to keep the workplace clean

The transport brace ensures safe mobility

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