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Firebricks or white bricks for all furnace building purpose.

ለሁሉም የእቶን ግንባታ ዓላማ የእሳት ጡቦች ወይም ነጭ ጡቦች

ይገኛሉ የእሳት ጡብ "ስፕሊትስ" ውፍረቱ ግማሽ የሆነ እና ብዙውን ጊዜ የእንጨት ምድጃዎችን እና የእሳት ማሞቂያዎችን ለመደርደር ያገለግላሉ.

#Fire Bricks or White Bricks

#Purpose in: For building steel factory furnace and for all furnace building purpose?

#The Size and other specification is there are:

Two standard sizes of Fire Brick:

9 in × 41⁄2 in × 3 in (229 mm × 114 mm × 76 mm)

9 in × 41⁄2 in × 21⁄2 in (229 mm × 114 mm × 64 mm). Also

#Available are firebrick “splits” which are half the thickness and are often used to line wood stoves and fireplace inserts.

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