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Artist Nuru Abegaz

In primary school he would regular get in trouble for filling his exercise books with drawings besides school curriculum. this passion for drawing   which continued through out until he graduated from high school. So it was a natural progression when he entered the night school at the A .A fine art school with a group of friends who shared the same interest. This group of 13 tented a room in with they would work, discuss and dream during the day after 1 year passed Nuru was accepted to the following years Nuru immersed himself completely who what the school had to offer.

Afters graduation he continued painting full time in his studios of his family home. A period of seven years followed in which he produced his gray paintings described by the artist as his “gray period” .The paintings devoid of color are dominated by figures grouped or single aften set in restricted setlings were one or two objects are integrated creating in their reflection to the bare figures a haunting atmosphere toughing the on looker on various emotional levels.

In a brutal honesty it discloses intimate frozen moments of loneliness, fear, isolation, private intimacy, self reflection, devoid of any embellishment. Here we see the human condition at is most vulnerable moments. The few objects in this painting are in communication with the figures, amplifying the emotional state the figures projects.

After 7 years an uprupt change in the use of medium introduced color in his work. Nuru discovered electrical tape as a drawing / painting material, applying the tape directly on paper or after cutting -learn into then stripes. Abstract forms as well as figures with strong contrast and vibrancy were the result. For the past 9 years Nuru has been using electrical tape on glass, manikin, body figure  canvas but predominately on  paper, creating mixed media works as he often on lines

oil pastel, acrylic paint or spray paint. During the process depth is created by removing some of the tape, painting over and reapplying tape until reaching the desired result.

Seeing the body of work he has prodused - close to two decades, there is a unwavering, recognizable and unique thread (visual voice) evident. It is expected that we will witness more intriguing experiences as he continues his path as a unique and uncompromising artist.

                                                                                                                                Wretten by Roshan L Iinsi

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